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Dirty Scroungin' Bastards

Dirty Scroungin’ Bastards mix punk, blues, reggae, hip hop and whatever other shit they feel like into a sound that is unrecognisably any of its elements and unmistakably DSB.

Formed in 2015, the bastards have 5 EPs under their belts, including a stunning collaboration with their good buddy, Skapete the Uplifter.

The lyrics are both a call to revolutionary arms and a search for societal cohesion, and a middle finger to everything and everyone.

With subject matter as diverse as overwork and mental health issues, drunken violence, poverty,crime and crap pop songs.

A bunch of lost souls who can’t decipher their place in society, Dirty Scroungin’ Bastards are currently recording their first full length album with the Dodo Records.

Dirty Scroungin' Bastards & Skapete The Uplifter - Broken Bones

Dirty Scroungin' Bastards - Gimme Ya Money

Dirty Scroungin' Bastards
Dirty Scroungin' Bastards
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