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Announcing Dodo Records to the world!

14 December 2018

After many hours hard work, minor natural disasters and a continued assault on all of our rights by Theresa May’s banking Junta, the Dodo Records website is now LIVE!

It’s actually been live for a while, but we haven’t bothered telling anyone about it.

Anyway, we’re working hard at Dodo Records to bring quality art to whomever can be bothered to regard it, really.

Currently we’re recording several artists who play a very diverse set of styles. From the soulful downtempo of ‘The Malady’ to the assault on the senses that is ‘I, Phantom’.

We’ve got a few tracks and clips of music in the News section, and there will be more to follow soon. Some of the tracks are even available to purchase from your favourite media vendor – check out Umi on iTunes!


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